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About Me #01

TresM was founded by Mick Tyndall.

I have been massaging clients for years and have learned, through my training and experience, that massage is a totally individual experience . My aim is to tailor the massage to you.

Your body is very individual and I make sure that the treatment is equally bespoke and suited to your needs, preferences and body type. Every person is different and will react to massage in a different way. The aim is to enable you to relax and experience your body in its most balanced state so that you understand how you should be and how massage can enable you to achieve this balance.

I am qualified as an ITEC remedial Massage therapist - an internationally recognized qualification allowing me to work all over the world as a holistic massage therapist.

I have also qualified in Deep Tissue Massage which is recognized by various UK governing bodies

My background of 14 years of martial arts and my training as a holistic and deep tissue massage therapist has combined to give me a unique understanding of muscular structure. It has also allowed me to have an in depth knowledge of how the body reacts to everyday stresses and strains as well as muscular injuries. All this means I am in tune with the underlying causes of muscular tension and injury. This gives me a unique ability to change the treatment dependent on your individual needs.

The aim of massage is not just to treat your muscles but also to advise you on aspects of your life that you can change and therefore improve your well being.

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