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Mobile Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage in Sevenoaks

Massage in your own home

TresM is committed to bringing massage to you in your own home where you are at your most relaxed and where you will receive the full benefits of massage therapy.

I come to you.

This means you can relax in the comfort of your own home. No rushing to appointments, no trying to find a parking space, no having to navigate your way home afterwards. You can just enjoy the massage and then allow the full benefits of the therapy to continue whilst you relax in your own home.

Appointments are available evenings and weekends to suit you.

TresM is pleased to announce it is now offering Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is used in the treatment of chronic muscular tension
by focusing on the deepest layers of muscle tissue

The therapy is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains. Stiff neck and upper back,
sore shoulders, lower back and tight leg muscles.

Due to the nature of the treatment only specific areas of the body are concentrated on

The therapy involves deliberate strokes that focuses pressure on the deeper layer of muscles and tissues under the skin.

Deep Tissue Massage uses trigger points, know as Neuro-Muscular Techninique (NMT), to identify areas which require specific attention from the Therapist

Deep tissue massage can be very therapeutic

Please see Therapies Offered for treatments and prices

Benefits of Holistic Massage Therapy

Holistic massage deals with the whole person. Each person is different and holistic massage reflects that fact.

Your body is also very individual and I make sure that the treatment is bespoke and suited to your needs, preferences and body type. Every person is different and will react to massage in a different way. The aim is to enable you to relax and experience your body in its most balanced state so that you understand how you should be and how massage can enable you to achieve this balance.

You look forward to your regular massage. It relaxes you. It energises you. Maybe it helps relieve the tension in your back. Whatever it is, you know you like it. But massage has more benefits than you probably realise.

Massage helps you both physically and psychologically. Regular massage keeps the body working at optimal levels. It keeps people well - both physically and emotionally. It treats your body allowing you to experience a deep state of relaxation which in turn allows your mind to relax and recuperate.

It can:-

reduce stress & anxiety
relieve muscle tension/stiffness
promote better circulation
help remove lactic acid & toxins
support the lymphatic system
improve the skin
strengthen the immune system
balance the digestive system
can lower blood pressure
can help with headache relief

All these benefits and all you need to do is lie there and enjoy

The mobile therapist has come to you

You are in a familiar and safe environment

It really is a no-brainer.


History of Holistic Massage

The use of the massage has a long and distinguished history.

It has been recorded in China from 3000BC. The ancient chinese called their technique "Amma" and used specific movements on particular points of the body. It was used for the promotion and restoration of health as well as relaxation.

The Japanese used the "Amma" technique with similar pressure points called "Tsubo".

In India massage has always been used as part of traditional Ayurvedic medicine which is the art of healing and prolonging life.

In Roman times, massage would be used to treat different stiff and sore muscles and joints, curing disease, strengthening the constitution and improving circulation.

Julius Caesar, renowned Roman emperor, had a massage daily.

Modern Holistic Massage is based on techniques developed by a Swedish Psychologist and Fencing master Per Henrik Ling.

Deep Tissue Massage has also been used for centuries. Some claim dating back to Ancient Egyptians. Modern Techniques are attributed to Canadian doctor Therese Phimmer

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